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Make up treatment

Lip Make up

Lip pencil that slides easily providing precise, impeccable and long-lasting definition. Active formula that softens, wets and conditions the lips.

Infinity Lip Pencil

Easy application lip liner for accurate definition and long lasting finish. Its active formula softens, moisturises and conditions lips. Infinity Lip Pencil effortlessly shores up our lip line and gets the kiss of approval. In four supremely fabulous shades, each gloriously defines and outlines in a flash.

Available in Nude (60), wine (61), plum (62), red (63).

Coverage: Intense.

Finish: Creamy and water resistant.

Ingredients: Vitamin E, shea butter, myristyl.

How to apply: Apply on the lip line or using lip brush then apply similar shade of Creamy lipstick over it.

3D lip gloss. Pearl effect, intensive shine. It moisturises and protects the lips.

3D Lip Gloss

Intense shine, hydration and protection all while looking fabulous. 3D Lip Gloss gives lips va-va-voom-gleam, depositing a thin translucent layer of glassy and intense three dimensional shine. Long wearing (think hours not minutes) and non sticky creamy finish that works behind the scenes to moisturise and protect.

Available in 3 delectable shades; Candy (50), Electric Pink (51), Toffee (52).

Coverage: Medium

Finish: 3D shine, pearl texture.

Ingredients: Pearl extract, fresh arctic seed oil, polymers, orchid flower extract.

How to apply: Apply thinly over the lips.

Soft, creamy lipstick, which adheres well and provides lasting colour. Anti-ageing formula with anti-oxidant properties, and selected natural active ingredients.

Creamy Lipstick SPF 15

Creamy Lipstick SPF15 is lush and rich and everything we’ve ever desired in a high pigment lipstick. Delivering so much moisture we’ll wonder how we ever got by without it. The long lasting formula, spiked with anti-oxidants, glides on and stays smooth all day long, keeping lips supple, silky and brilliantly hued.

Available in 12 beautiful shades; Nude, sunkissed, coral, pink, strawberry, peach, watermelon, red, dusk, chocolate, pru, plum.

Coverage: Medium to strong.

Finish: Luminous.

Ingredients: Orchid flower extract, date seed extract, inca inchi extract

How to apply: Apply smoothly over the lips or using lip brush to apply for more define finished.

All over compact. Powder finish, cream compact. It simply provides a soft veil of colour to the lips and cheekbones, bringing them to life and adding a healthy glow.

All Over Compact

All-in-one compact with its super soft texture, spreads easily without feeling slick or setting too fast. Applying smoothly, sure-fire colour warms and enlivens cheeks and lips and can endure the longest date without re-applying. Transparent healthy glow with benefit of Anti-oxidant. Rosey Tone.

Coverage: Custom-depending on use.

Finish: Creamy texture with powder velvet finish

Ingredients: White lily and peach extracts.

How to apply: Apply smoothly on eyes, lips and cheeks. Add more product for more intense colour.

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