Hypnotic Couture Eye

Hypnotic Couture Eye

Skeyndor Hypnotic Couture Eyeshadow makeup product

Magic Shine Eye Shadow

  • Ultra-fine, light formula.
  • Great adherence and flexible coverage.
  • Palette with 5 pearl colours.
  • An authentic harmony of warm tones that complement each other, perfect for creating day and evening looks.
Skeyndor Hypnotic Couture Mascara makeup product

Phenomenon Mascara

  • Gives thicker, better defined lashes.
  • Formula with high covering capacity.
  • Paraben free.
  • TEA free.

With Jumbo Size Brush Applicator 3 cm.

  • Special helical shape for a “FALSE  EYELASHES LOOK”.
  • The shorter fibres coat the lashes one by one.
  • The separation between fibres deposits the product load, generating an EXTRA VOLUME effect.
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