Derma Peel

Derma Peel

Cosmetic treatment for beauty salons wanting to offer exfoliating treatments on par with those performed by dermo-aestheticians. Its components are formulated to the maximum concentration authorised by the Spanish Agency of Medicines (AGEMED). Derma Peel is a professional tool designed to renew the appearance of the face, and obtain a softer, more even skin. Its efficiency is based on the association of five peeling techniques in one session

Derma peel professional pack

Derma Peel professional pack

Derma Peel is indicated for treating skin spots, fine expression lines, small scars and acne marks, giving a more even, radiant appearance to the skin. All skin types, except sensitive or skins with acne.

Use:Professional use only

Ingredients:Diamond microparticles, Butylcyclohexanol (a specific TRVP neuroreceptor antagonist), Citric/glycolic acid (8:32, p/p) pH 3,5, Protease + Lisozyme, Alkaline pH (8), hydrolysed plant keratin.

Derma peel advanced kit

Derma peel advanced kit

Biological peeling that, used in combination with DERMA PEEL PROFESSIONAL PACK, enhances the deep exfoliation of the skin.

Use: Professional use only

Ingredients: Desmoglein-like tripeptide and ursolic acid encapsulated in liposomes.

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