Oxygenating, nutritional and regenerating treatment that facilitates epidermal cell growth and prevents free radical damage

Skin oxygen cream

Skin Oxygen Cream

Specialty cream formulated to improve the uptake of oxygen by the skin, providing deep moisture, wrinkle-preventing and eliminating free radicals.

Use: After cleansing and toning the skin, spread a layer of cream, day and night, massaging gently.

Ingredients: Phospholipids, Proteoglycans, and Vegetable Oils

skin velours

Skin Velours

Skin Velours is an extremely efficient product for protecting the skin and for obtaining a velvety appearance. In addition, the balanced mixture of Ceramides, Vitamin A and Vitamin E makes it an excellent anti-ageing agent. It also provides a great base for make-up.

Use: Place a few drops on the tips of your fingers and spread them over very clean skin. Massage until completely absorbed without applying any pressure.

Ingredients: Ceramides, Retinol Palmiate and Vitamin E

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