The first ground breaking treatment to effectively use plant origin stem cells for an anti-age effect that lasts over time. It’s main purpose is to encourage the production of epidermal stem cells and stimulate the synthesis of the vital substrate that forms the skin, helping it to recover the volume (skin density) it has lost with age.

Just launched Eternal Sleeping oil

Sleeping Oil

An anti-age, night-time restoration oil. A unique combination of natural oils, essences and extracts with a satin, non-greasy finish. A nutritional elixir for the skin, leaving it smooth and soft immediately. Fragranced with hints of jasmine, it enhances a feeling of well-being and promotes rest. Ideal for dry, mature or under-nourished skins.

Use: Spread a few drops of oil on to well cleansed face, neck and chest, until it is completely absorbed. Do not apply to the eye contour areas.

Ingredients: Crambe Maritima Extract
Protects epidermal stem cells.
Indian Chiretta Extract
Hypodermic stem cell stimulator that fights against biological ageing.


Eternal Cream

Cream with plant origin stem cell nanoliposomes. Formulated to compensate the loss of the vital substrate and to restore the skin’s volume lost with age at the deepest levels. The face appears fuller, smoother and firmer.

Use: After the usual cleaning routine, apply the cream with a gentle massage.

Ingredients: Plant Stem Cells, Sea Fennel Extract, Lupin Seed Extract, Acmella Flower Extract, Lavender Extract

Eternal Instensive Serum

Eternal Intensive Serum

Extra concentrated serum containing plant origin stem cell nanoliposomes. Powerful exilir for revitalising, renewing and nourishing the epidermal stem cells. It improves the speed at which cells are renewed, and therefore increases the vital skin conforming substance. As a result the skin recovers its lost volume, and is more youthful, radiant and firmer.

Use: Spread a few drops of the serum into thoroughly cleansed skin, until it is completely absorbed. Night time use only.

Ingredients: Plant Stem Cells, Sea Fennel Extract, Lupin Seed Extract, Acmella Flower Extract, Lavender Extract, Retinol


Eternal Icy Eye Cream

Eye contouring cream with nanoliposomes of plant origin stem cells. It acts on epidermal stem cells making them produce a greater amount of the vital dermal substance. Reinforced with liposomes from pure water from Swiss glaciers, it leaves skin looking fresher, more radiant and sensual

Use: After general cleansing, apply a thin layer of cream with a gentle outward massage, paying particular attention to wrinkles.

Ingredients: Plant Stem Cells, Hammamelis, Buckwheat, Lavandula, Oat Kernel, Swiss Glacier Water

Eternal repair body serum

Eternal Repair Body Serum

Body Serum with plant origin stem cell liposomes. It is formulated to renew and rejuvenate the skin in the areas that are weakened most by age and exposure to the sun, such as cleavage, arms and shoulders. Its delicate and soft texture provides moisture and nutrients, making it a perfect anti-age treatment for the body. All skin types, particularly dry skins, with blemishes and reduced elasticity.

Use: Apply daily to cleansed skin. Spread some on the skin and massage gently until it is absorbed.

Ingredients:Plant origin stem cell liposomes, Oil soluble Jambu extract, Oil-soluble marine fennel extract.

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