Your answer to help fight the common signs of aging: wrinkles, expression lines, flaccidity, blemishes, lack of elasticity and a dull complexion.

corretive bodego


Winner of the ASIA Spa Award for Best Anti-ageing Product in 2012, Corrective is treatment inspired by the world’s most prestigious medical-aesthetic therapies. Formulated to help treat the deepest of wrinkles, Corrective incorporates the most advanced technology with a multitude of peptides, to provide a state of the art anti-wrinkle treatment without the use of needles.

skeyndor fondo blanco


Winner of the Most Innovative Active Ingredient by the BSB European Cosmetics Association 2008, Eternal contains plant origin stem cell nanoliposomes to help regenerate your skin. Eternal can assist your skin to regain its elasticity while fighting wrinkles and fine lines.


Global lift

Inspired by the latest and most revolutionary anti-age, anti-senescence marker therapies, Global Lift is gives a face-lift effect, helping redefine the jaw line and to reduce double chins in mature skin. Winner of the Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Award 2012 at In-cosmetics, Barcelona, Global Lift is formulated with Progenin, a technology exclusive to Skeyndor.

natural defence

Natural Defence

The perfect synergy between vitamins, amino acids and proteins, that constitutes your skin’s true defence against the signs of ageing caused by external aggressions such as the sun and pollution.

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