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First tab content PHOTOCARE by SORISA is an appliance designed to administer comprehensive facial beauty treatments, using phototherapy and photoporation techniques in combination with cosmetics.

The emission of a visible light at certain wavelengths at a sufficient light power using LEDs, generates a sequence of biological reactions which stimulates cells, enhancing elastin and collagen synthesis and providing beneficial effects in the skin.

PHOTOCARE emits LED light at specific wavelengths, combining exposure sequences and durations on different areas of the face for applying fast, long-lasting and comfortable treatments, which improve the most common facial problems including flaccidity, wrinkles, expression lines, pigmentation disorders and oily and imperfection prone skins

  • The combination of the 150, three-band LEDs makes it possible to offer more selective treatments and to achieve greater accuracy with regard to the depth where the effects are required.
  • PHOTOCARE is effective on the main facial problems, using pre-established programmes in combination with the suitable cosmetic.
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