Belex 08

BELEX-08 is one single apparatus integrating all the necessary elements for use in the facial electro-aesthetics booth including:

  • High frequency: choose between direct application, sparking or indirect massage.
  • Suction applicator for cleansing and stimulating the skin.
  • Atomiser: to facilitate the perfect micro-diffusion of skin tonics or lotions.
  • Brushing: using brushes of different sizes and bristle hardness.
  • Microgalvanic iontophoresis: with  roller-pointed tip or ball electrodes.
  • Decrustation: specifically for treating  seborrhoea.
  • Galvanisation: stimulation face-mask,  easy to apply and to fit.
  • Passive exercise: by means or movable electrodes.
  • Passive exercise :by means of self- adhesive electrodes.
  • Aromatic Steamer (Optional)
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