About Vogue Image Group

About Vogue Image Group

Respected leader in the Australian skincare and cosmetics industry, Vogue Image Group is the exclusive distributor of two global leading brands, Skeyndor and Sorisa.

These renowned names in the world of beauty encompass innovative cosmetic, clinical and paramedical products and equipment available from the finest clinics, medispas, salons and spas across Australia.

SKEYNDOR features the world’s most advanced system of ground-breaking, active and concentrated formulas including patented ingredients, plant stem cell extracts, Mesoscience ‘virtual needle’ in addition to an extensive line of progressive skin and bodycare, hypo-allergenic waxing and sophisticated make up.

Sorisa is the leading manufacturer of electro-aesthetic equipment addressing anti-ageing concepts for face and body including LED colour, micro-current face lifting, microdermabrasion, Presor-03 lymphatic drainage and anti-cellulite therapies.

These prestigious giants of the industry offer every Aesthetician and her client the expertise for the perfect everyday routine by combining an unparalleled commitment to technology, research and performance. Together these brands bring to the Australian market, cutting-edge and multi-functional treatment solutions for women, men and teens.

Originating in Spain, SKEYNDOR and Sorisa are dedicated to excelling at both a professional and home care level. Effortlessly they meet the demanding needs of every skin and body concern with the latest salon protocols and high potency product actives.

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